2024 SKF Innovation Summit and New Product Launch! Reconstructing rotation with the power of innovation

SKF China and Northeast Asia President Wang Hui with SKF China management team, and Shanghai Electric, Wolong Group and other partner representatives gathered at the scene, talking about cutting-edge insights.

On 18 June, the “Reconstructing Rotation” 2024 SKF Innovation Summit and New Product Launch concluded successfully! The event was held offline at SKF’s Northeast Asia Distribution Centre in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and was broadcast live on WeChat and Jitterbit on both platforms, reaching an unprecedented number of viewers online.

Following last year’s release of 19 local innovative products, the show for new energy vehicles, heavy mining and other 9 major industries 9 intelligent and clean solutions new products, continuous innovation, based on the cutting edge of the industry, focusing on customer needs, accelerating innovation to reconfigure the spinning of the initial heart and practice.

SKF China and Northeast Asia President Wang Hui with SKF China management team, and Shanghai Electric, Wolong Group and other partner representatives gathered at the scene, talking about cutting-edge insights.

2024 SKF Innovation Summit and New Product Launch Offline Venue

Wang Hui, President of SKF China and Northeast Asia, said, “Since last June when SKF China held the ‘Bearing Geek Extravaganza’ new product launch for the 1st time, this is already the 3rd time, and also the first time this year. Looking back on this half-year SKF development of new products in the heart of the process, the face of the rise of national enterprises, new energy industry involution, digital AI artificial intelligence, ESG and other changes in the external environment, China has also put forward the development of the new quality of productive forces, SKF’s smart and clean strategy is also fully in line with the direction of this SKF’s innovation is more embodied in the technology, ecology, business model in all aspects, never-ending. “

Speech by Mr Wang Hui, President of SKF China and Northeast Asia.

Annika Ölme, SKF Group Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President, Technology Development, expressed her concern through a video, “The Chinese market and customers, as well as Chinese partners are of vital importance to SKF. SKF has a strong technology development team in China, while backed by our global resources, knowledge, technology and innovation, we are determined to create value for our customers and partners in China.”

SKF Group Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President Technology Development

Video message from Annika Ölme

New – Green – Smart

SKF’s new product launches

SKF China launched 9 new products and solutions for mining, industrial motors, security machines, agricultural machinery, oil and gas, general industry, commercial vehicles, new energy vehicles and other industries.

Roundtable Forum

Talking about industry innovation opportunities and challenges

As market competition tends to heat up, how to crack the homogenisation involution has become a common problem faced by thousands of industries. In the case of SKF, innovation is the way to break the game, and the road to innovation is not a lonely battle, the industry needs to collaborate to create results.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not just about innovation, it’s also about the way you do it.

SKF invited Jiang Yong, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd, and Zheng Yanwen, Executive Director of Wolong Group Board of Directors, together with Teng Zhengji, Vice President of SKF China, and Dr Qian Weihua, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, to share insights into the development trends of new energy, wind power and other industries in the form of a round-table forum, and to discuss a new vision of collaborative development for mutual benefit.

Reconstructing the Spin 丨 Grasp the new opportunities in the Chinese market

Not only in the industrial field, SKF also has an important influence in the automotive field. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the upgrading of vehicle manufacturers and the entire industrial chain, higher requirements have been placed on core components such as bearings.

In the automotive roundtable, senior automotive media, founder and director of the Route Society Yang Kequan and SKF China and Northeast Asia Automotive Division President Chu Hao, to grasp the new opportunities in China’s automotive market, in-depth discussion on the new opportunities and challenges of industry innovation.

Talking about trucks

Commercial vehicles contribute 55% of the carbon emissions of the entire transport system. With the rise of the backwaters of drivers demanding more intelligence, how can products be developed to meet market demand? This time, we invited representatives from each end of the commercial vehicle spectrum: Jin Haijie, a 20-year driving veteran, Liu Shouyin, Director of Chassis Systems at Viktor, and Zhao Yong, Technical Director of Shanghai Yuebao Bianjian Car Care, to talk about trucks. Wu Xiang, product manager of SKF Commercial Vehicles, brought a set of main-sale bearing solutions, which can guarantee the whole life cycle of maintenance-free for customers, and also make the driving process more comfortable and the whole vehicle cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Innovation never ends, and SKF has never stopped innovating since its establishment. In conjunction with the SKF China event, SKF Group also held its first Technology and Innovation Summit on 19th June, reinforcing SKF’s solid commitment to innovation through the release of a series of new smart and clean solutions, and committing to meeting customers’ needs for greater reliability, energy efficiency and high performance, and empowering them to realise their business needs and sustainable development.

Looking to the future, SKF will continue to focus on the two strategies of “smart” and “clean”, reconstruct the rotation with innovative technologies, and work with more Chinese customers and partners to build a high-quality and sustainable future.

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