Shandong Jindi, the leading supplier of bearing cages, successfully listed on the stock market

Since its establishment, Goldtek has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of precision mechanical parts, and has formed two business segments, namely, bearing cages and automotive precision parts.

September 1, Jindi shares (Shandong Jindi Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.) successfully listed on the SSE gong, the domestic A-share precision machinery parts and components industry to add high-quality new troops.

Zheng Guanghui, chairman and general manager of Jindi shares, said, “After this step into the capital market, Jindi shares will enter a new stage of development, the company will focus on the strategic goal of ‘creating the world’s first bearing cage, creating a global leading supplier of new energy core components’, focusing on the New energy vehicles, wind energy, hydrogen energy and other industrial core key components layout, a greater extent to release the company’s investment value.”

\\ Deep-turning the main business to make diversified layout

Since its establishment, Goldtek has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of precision mechanical parts, and has formed two business segments, namely, bearing cages and automotive precision parts.

Zheng Guanghui said, over the years, Jindi has always adhered to the product strategy of “produce one generation, research and develop one generation, and reserve one generation”. In the field of bearing cage, the company aims at the global industrial chain of high-end customers and cutting-edge market needs, research and development of wind power, rail transport, CNC machine tools, robots, automotive and other industrial high-end equipment applications of precision bearing cage products. In particular, in the wind power industry, the company’s innovative research and development of large megawatt wind power series of pitch, spindle, gear box bearing cage from new material substitution to lightweight technology has achieved a major breakthrough.

In the field of bearing cage industry, the company mainly focuses on supplying series of products for the world’s eight largest bearing companies, such as SKF of Sweden, Schaeffler of Germany, NSK of Japan and other internationally renowned bearing companies, and has successfully become one of the core suppliers in this field.

Huajin Securities analysis that the company has been ploughing into the bearing cage field for nearly 20 years now, with a strong first-mover advantage; at the same time, the company’s production base is located in China’s five major bearing industry cluster in Liaocheng, Shandong Province, with the proximity of supporting the locational advantages.

In this context, the company’s bearing retainer business has been expanding steadily, and gradually formed a leading position in the field of wind power applications. In addition, from the industry point of view, bearing cage market size above the relatively small number of competitors, or will benefit the company and other manufacturers with first-mover advantage.

In the field of automotive precision parts, gold empire shares began to realize the transformation from parts to components assembly, developed a new energy vehicle asynchronous induction drive motor aluminium rotor, as a domestic leader in the field, broke through the existing copper rotor manufacturing costs and other technical problems.

At the same time, under the guidance of the national strategy of “carbon peak, carbon neutral”, the company also laid out a new product of metal bipolar plate for hydrogen energy vehicles and realised mass production, which has been successfully applied in hydrogen energy commercial vehicles, expanding a new track of innovation.

This IPO, Jindi shares to raise funds of about 859 million yuan, the fund-raising projects for high-end equipment precision bearing retainer intelligent manufacturing upgrading project, marketing network construction project, high precision bearing retainer technology research and development centre project, automotive high precision key components intelligent production project, automotive precision stamping parts technology research centre project and supplementary working capital project.
Among them, for the “high-end equipment precision bearing retainer intelligent manufacturing upgrading project”, the company said, in the macro policy to provide support for the background, the bearing industry is in the medium and high speed growth stage, in the long run, China’s implementation of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the development of leapfrog will be synchronised with the promotion of the bearing industry from big to strong.

After the completion of the project, the company will add an annual output of wind power bearing cage, medical equipment bearing cage, precision mute spherical cage, rail transport bearing cage, new energy automobile bearing cage, construction machinery bearing cage and other high-end equipment precision bearing cage 450 million sets of production capacity.

For the “automotive high-precision key components intelligent production and construction project”, the company said, the project around the expansion of auto parts production capacity, in line with the current trend of the automotive market production and sales rebound, new energy vehicle production and sales growth potential is huge.

The project is implemented around the company’s main business, through the purchase of advanced production equipment, expanding the production scale of precision stamping parts, in the company’s existing types of parts and product performance on the basis of continue to plough, after the implementation of the project, will continue to expand the company’s market competitiveness in the field of auto parts.
The company said, after the listing of gold emperor shares will strive to achieve breakthroughs in business performance, scientific and technological innovation, customer service, market expansion, etc., to become China’s bearings and automotive parts industry head of the enterprise, and will focus on new energy vehicles, wind energy, hydrogen energy and other industrial core key components layout, adhere to the “green low-carbon development, high-end precision manufacturing Adhering to the strategic positioning of “green and low-carbon development, high-end precision manufacturing”, the company will move forward towards the globalisation dream of “manufacturing high-quality products, world-class”.

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