The first batch of “customised” all-vanadium liquid current batteries of Shanghai Electric shipped to Spain.

This project reflects the strong market adaptability of Shanghai Electric's all-vanadium current battery energy storage products, which can meet the needs of customers' "private customisation".

On 19th July, the all-vanadium liquid current battery energy storage equipment for the Spanish commercial energy storage project undertaken by Shanghai Electric Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. passed the factory acceptance and was shipped to Zaragoza, the northeastern city of Spain, from the production base in Hefei, marking the first time that Shanghai Electric’s liquid energy storage products have been exported to the European market in batch quantities. The products of this project are selected by the customer as the main product type suitable for the local market after combining the local market demand and testing and running the performance and quality of Shanghai Electric’s products, which reflects the strong market suitability of Shanghai Electric’s all-vanadium flow battery energy storage products and the ability to meet the customer’s “customised” needs.

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