Xinha precision bearings against the international first-class development of ‘number’ ‘wisdom’ manufacturing

In recent years, as the market continues to upgrade, Xinha precision bearings are also seizing the opportunity to expand overseas markets.

Spring, Harbin Xinha Precision Bearing Co., Ltd (referred to as Xinha Precision Bearing) production and sales are booming, digital production workshop in the factory, dozens of CNC machine tools running in an orderly manner, packaging workshop boxes of precision bearings have been packaged, ready to be sent to all parts of the country.

‘In the first quarter of this year, the company’s sales revenue increased by 15% year-on-year, continue to maintain the growth trend, and now every day in overtime to catch up with the orders, but also new customers, we have very good expectations for the first half of the sales.’ The company’s chairman Zhang Li told reporters.

At the same time, the company’s overseas market expansion is also advancing: March 24, Zhang Li led a team to Irkutsk, Russia, to discuss cooperation; the company signed up to participate in St. Petersburg, Russia, the second half of April, the International Industrial Equipment Exhibition; May went to Vietnam to negotiate with agents for further cooperation is also on the agenda.

Xinha Precision Bearing Workshop

Seize the opportunity to expand overseas markets

Xinha Precision Bearing, the former Harbin North Precision Bearing Factory, was founded in 1998, is the Heilongjiang Province, ‘speciality, speciality and new’ small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of high-precision machine tool spindle bearings, direct-drive spindle bearings, engraving machine spindle bearings, photovoltaic monocrystalline silicon slicing spindle bearings, robotic RV reducer, harmonic reducer bearings and other precision bearing products. Bearing, robot RV reducer, harmonic reducer bearing and other precision bearing products.

In recent years, as the market continues to upgrade, Xinha precision bearings are also seizing the opportunity to expand overseas markets.

‘Our company mainly produces precision grade P2, P4, P5 high-precision bearings, and now there are 4 series of more than 3,000 varieties of products, and the variety of products is still increasing, with an annual output of more than 800,000 sets…

We have independent product design and research and development capabilities, and a number of machine tool manufacturers across the country have a cooperative and supporting relationship, the products are not only sold throughout the country, but also exported to more than a dozen countries in Asia, Europe and the Americas.’ Zhang Li said.

Most people may not know about bearings, especially precision bearings, but the fact is that bearings have a wide range of applications.

Xinha precision bearings, general manager Xu Net Zeng said, life common mobile phones, washing machines, hair dryers, hoovers, refrigerators, cars, motorbikes and other products will be applied to bearings. Xinha Precision Bearing produces precision bearings used in aerospace, robotics, new energy vehicles, wind power and photovoltaic equipment and other high-end equipment manufacturing.

Digital production workshop of Xinha Precision Bearing

Continuous research and development to improve product precision

Zhang Li said, the company maintains 7 to 8 patent applications each year, and has already obtained and completed the declaration of invention patents and utility model patents a total of 56. At the same time, the company strengthened with universities, research institutes to carry out joint research and development, to solve the ‘neck’ problem.

In 2022, Xinha precision bearings and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Metals co-developed ‘ball screw bearings 20TAC47CDDGSUHPN7C P2 precision bearings’, the application of the bearing of the machine tool precision than the original three times higher, which led to the improvement of the precision of the processing of all related industries.

Seizing the opportunity period of technological upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry, Xinha Precision Bearing is making efforts to the production and research and development of higher-end bearings for mechanical applications, benchmarking against the world’s leading enterprises in the industry, and digesting and innovating according to the application requirements of the domestic market, as well as continuously improving the digitalisation and intelligent manufacturing capabilities.

In 2020, the precision bearing digital intelligent manufacturing workshop of Xinha Precision Bearing was recognised as ‘Digital (Intelligent) Demonstration Workshop in Heilongjiang Province’. Zhang Li told reporters that the company also plans to benchmark the level of bearing manufacturing in Europe and the United States to build the second phase of the project, has planned a 5400 square metres of assembly workshop and office, more than 12100 square metres of plant, the construction of constant temperature and humidity clean workshop, the goal is to achieve 24-hour ‘unmanned production’, to create a ‘black light factory’. The goal is to achieve 24-hour ‘unmanned production’, to create a ‘black light factory’, the current digital workshop as a model production line, and to extend the experience of the model production line to other production lines.

‘At that time, all the company’s testing data will be automatically collected, no longer need to manually carry out measurement and inspection, to improve the stability and grade of the product.’ Xu Netzeng said.

‘In the past, many customers rarely came to the factory once because of the long distance and cold weather. Taking advantage of the snow and ice tourism is hot, some time ago we received a lot of customers from all over the country, we came over to play at the same time to visit the factory to investigate, enhance the confidence of customers and our deep cooperation, there are still a lot of customers booked to come over this winter ….

We are also planning to organise a meeting of national customer agents during the Ice Festival.’ Xu Netzeng said, the city is becoming more and more standardised in all aspects, such an environment will inevitably pull more investment pouring into Longjiang.

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