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Deepening Co-operation 丨SKF joins hands with China Heavy Machinery Institute and CITIC Heavy Industry for win-win development

From catching up to surpassing, China's industry has gone through a difficult journey and is now standing in the centre of the world stage, showing incomparable vitality and potential. Having entered China for more than 110 years, SKF has witnessed China's economic take-off and has been deeply involved in the rapid development of Chinese industry.

SKF Insight | Intelligent AI technology makes wind turbine spindle bearing grease inspection twice as easy!

In the traditional way, it is necessary to take grease samples from the wind turbine, and then send the samples to the laboratory, the customer often needs to wait for 1-2 weeks, during which time either the turbine is shut down resulting in a loss of power generation or the bearings are running sick, causing irreversible damage, which is a situation the customer does not want to see.